UH education reform / New B&M degree structure

Education Reform of the University of Helsinki in a nutshell (more information in Flamma):

  1. New study programs crossing boundaries between disciplines, units and faculties starting in August 2017:
    32   B.Sc. programs
    60   M.Sc. programs   
    32   Doctoral programs
  2. Study program -specific degree structures
  3. Decrease in the number of credits needed for a doctoral degree (60 -> 40)
  4. Learning outcomes:
    → skills and knowledge students should acquire during studies

    → possible career paths 



B&M degree structure and course catalogue in UH WebOodi

The degree requirements are summarized as:

      • Doctoral thesis
      • Discipline specific studies (30 ECTS)
      • General competence studies (10 ECTS)

bm ds pic  


According to the Rector’s Decision (No 22/2016) doctoral programmes are degree programmes which will have degree requirements of their own. The faculty responsible for the doctoral programme has approved the programme’s new degree requirements and curriculum and those will become valid from 1.8.2017. The rector has decided on the general principles for the transition period of the education reform (Decision No 23/2016).

General transition guidelines:

All doctoral candidates must transfer to the new degree system if they do not complete their degree before 31.7.2020. During the preceding transition period (1.8.2017 – 31.7.2020) they can choose from the following options:

1) they can continue to study according to the old degree requirements, i.e., 60 ECTS credits (40 ECTS for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Medical Science and Doctor of Dental Science degrees) and faculty and/or major based guidelines until 31.7.2020

2) they can transfer to the new degree system and begin to study according to the new degree requirements, in which case it should be noted that:

  • There will be an e-form available in fall 2017 to apply for the transition to the new degree system.
  • The transition to the new degree system can be done at any time during the transition period, but once it is done, it is not possible to return to the old system. 
  • The transition to the new degree system must be completed before the beginning of the pre-examination process (by January 2020).
  • Once the transition period ends on 31.7.2020, all doctoral candidates will be transferred to the new degree system
  • All new doctoral candidates granted the right to pursue doctoral studies after 1.8.2017 will use the new system of 40 ECTS credits
  • In the new degree system, 40 ECTS credits will be required in addition to the doctoral thesis. These credits are distributed between discipline-specific studies (30 credits) and general competence studies (10 credits).
  • The composition of discipline-specific studies differs between doctoral programmes, while the required general competence studies are doctoral school specific.
  • An obligatory course of research ethics must be included in the discipline-specific studies
  • In the new degree system studies completed more than 10 years earlier cannot be included in a doctoral degree.
  • Studies included in a Master’s degree cannot be transferred to a doctoral degree. However, extra studies completed during MSc studies that are not included in the degree, can be transferred to doctoral degree if they fit the doctoral programme-specific degree structure.
  • The new degree structure may include more obligatory studies than the old system. In addition, there may be differences in the number of credits gained for specific courses or activities.




Doctoral Programme Brain & Mind specific transition guidelines: 


Current obligatory studies

Corresponding studies in the new B&M degree structure

Biological and Environmental Sciences

Licentiate examination (522082, 51064, 529245, 52970)

B&M book exam: NEUBM-010


Preliminary examination (590381)

B&M book exam: NEUBM-010

2 presentations of the dissertation research project (590382, 590383)

No credits for Thesis Committee presentations. For presentations outside own unit: NEUBM-104


No obligatory studies


Veterinary Medicine

No obligatory studies