Call for applications 2014


The next call for the University of Helsinki-funded doctoral training positions will be open from September 1 to September 30, 2014.

The announcement for the call will be available here in late August.


Doctoral program Brain & Mind (B&M) is a PhD program based on a multidisciplinary network of leading neuroscience research groups at the Universities of Helsinki and Aalto University.

Research and PhD training in the B&M is based on multidisciplinary work within all disciplines that are relevant in neurosciences, including the following: cellular and molecular neuroscience, transport physiology, electrophysiology of cells and networks, developmental neurobiology, neurobiology at the systems level, neuronal modelling, imaging of human brain functions, neuropsychology, and brain diseases. In addition to basic research, a number of the esearch groups are also developing applications relevant for pharmaceutical companies, for the clinic, and for novel technologies to be used in research.


B&M / FGSN on neurotieteen tohtoriohjelma, johon kuuluu tutkimusryhmiä ja tohtorikoulutettavia Helsingin yliopistosta ja Aalto-yliopistosta sekä Itä-Suomen, Oulun ja Turun,yliopistoista ja Åbo Akademista. Tohtoriohjelmaan kuuluvissa ryhmissä tutkitaan neuronaalisia ilmiöitä molekyylitasolta solu-, systeemi- ja käyttäytymistasolle.

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